Data Integration


Data and data going from one system to another. what data is out there that we can provide you with. I wish I could type this in and get this back. What is it that will make your job easier if you could get the data without a struggle. 

Buildings and/or rooms for scheduling. no central repository where that information exists. Put in the room number. Currently is an Oracle application so there is no way to talk to other systems easily. Alternate location names and aliases. So people know what the room is. would you also want 3D models of the buildings. How do you want to find something. Anything you can provide in a feed could be parsed in the desired format. Would want to be associate it with an event, but that would not have to be part of what was available. we only need the building blocks; we don’t need to make decisions about integration. 

are we accessing from an programmatic level; not just importing, but having a live feed. Have building by building drill down with the rooms for that building would be nice, but buildings alone would be nice. 

Use a Google widget that has additional information about Yale buildings. Next step, Lori, Matt and Susan to figure out how to expose this. 

envisioning a process where the user can just go to a website and extract the data they want. 

General question about: how many people think about where to get the data is the data warehouse. But should come from the system of record. The source of the data should be the most update-to-date, not a copy which the data warehouse is. 

Faculty database where we can house the faculty members and extract them by org where it can be configured. it’s a tricky situation; you don’t want it to happen automatically. if hr removes them by mistake; or infomration gets changed. changes would need to be verified. there has to be some governance. bringing in data and using the data. interest in research and databases for researchers who are no longer at yale. some faculty members are very easy to locate; some are not John Smith. what about faculty who collaborate with other people or institutions. what are the trends in research what kind of programs are we going to support at yale that all ties back to faculty. Canoical data

What other canonical data? people places or things;

content strategy events, courses, people, departmental descriptions. video and media, images, policy, hours and contact information. 

another place where data is getting gathered is ARCHER. enriching that data so it is more widespread; is there a canonical list of orgs, yes in FAMIS. If we had these things you could have a page for every building, info about the building classes, events, all the different data types . then go to the org and the building as it relates to the org. having naming standards for the person/building and other stuff. even if all that information isn’t coming from the same system you could pull that in. 

we need to provide a way for people to use the data. the way we could get a lot of leverage if we have the source that people can get the data then they can pull and enrich more data but without the clients having to change where they go or go different places. 

A huge data modeling project. Is this the same as the hub? it is similar but it’s also working with ICC team. a well realized need that gets shown in multiple efforts. hub should be where all the information can be found and captured. place users go and see my W2 today, my paystub and everything else they want to see courses, assignments, etc. aggregation of snippets that someone will need. your view of your stuff. like a portal sort of. 

nursing school has an issue with faculty as well every year we have 2 issues of nursing magazine; students; alumni there are lots of things that we have to send to them but they are constantly changing. for yale people they need an accurate address; how do we get it from the university. Identiy management should be helping to get the correct infomraiton out. A new enterprise directory is in the process of being created. 

does the new identiy management include multiple offices per person. 

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