Demanding Accessibility from External Suppliers

Needing to learn
Legal requirements

What is accessible/a11y?
Making sure everyone can get at what they need
We often think of physical disability, but what about cognitive? status (alums vs. internal)? language proficiency? Epilepsy (episode can be triggered by certain whiz-bang effects), motion sickness?

Best practices v real accessibility
Removing barriers to entry

What kind of vendors?
Large corps
Freelancers/small business

Who requires what? ADA/508 not required for everything at Yale

What are the declarative standards? WCAG / AA

Tools for checking?
Usability testing as possibly the best way to determine whether a tool is truly usable by any given person on any given spectrum of a11y

Compliance as useful to vendors because it can be pointed to
But maybe you can point to standards, or you can timeframe testing so the vendor isn't afraid they are beholden to a single individual

Is it all just proper project planning? Building in time for a11y testing, and robust testing.

Library dealing with 100s of vendors and 1000+ databases -- where are the priorities put?

Being active in national organizations that have clout with large vendors, using Yale's clout to make this happen

Specifically allocating time of a staff member to do usability testing for a low number of hours a month, but this can make a big difference [in diagnosis, at least]

Feeling that a11y is coming, and coming strong -- Yale needs to get out in front of it or be knocked down by it

Responsive design taking attention away from a11y?
Or perhaps is Responsive a special case of a11y? Not just what are the presentation capabilities of the device, but what is the user looking for/needing who is using the device?

Who is doing anything with accessibility at Yale? David Hirsch leading a campus-wide committee on disability

Online learning content and accessibility
DRM as a problem for accessibility

Small vendor says a moderate project might need to double the amount of time in the design phase to make sure a11y is baked in. Considering including a11y as a 4th component of Responsive design (mobile, tablet, desktop, a11y)

A11y vs usability
Vendors usually look at a11y as documents that require it

International orgs good sites for learning about thinking broadly about users' needs

Lesser-known areas that need a11y attention: staff training, online learning, student information

Getting away from legacy systems

Small wins -- typography scaling, good use of color variation

OPAC possible resource, Med/Nursing as people who very likely would have experience with accessibility

For library , this can be seen in part as a discovery issue

To close, something that just came across my Twitterstream, suggesting that a lot of this is as much a question of will as of time or money:

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