Determining the User Experience - BAs


writing requirements prior to building the product. do we do enough to determine what the user needs. Any project we are trying to solve a problem for our business. BA’s job is to serve the client. do the best to make sure the business is successfull. Divorce the governance vs the work that needs to be done. When we think about the context, people need to use the software and it needs to make the user’s experience easier. or they won’t use it. people are technically savy now so we need to be more engaged in determining how to meet their needs. 

Business process owners are not the users. analysis paralysis. this happens a lot at yale; need to manage around it. 

one of the issues that we have is that we don’t understand the users well enough because we don’t take the time to really understand what they do. the users can’t necessarily communicate this. Must always go and see how users are doing their job. one technique is called process mapping. 

yale is doing it backwards.ITS has a commitment to best practices and wants to ensure there is a BA on each project. But the BAs don’t have the training so they can’t do the job they are expected to do. 

need to be able to draw out information from people that they wouldn’t normally tell people. 

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