Google Analytics

How you use analytics in informing decision making or starting your decision making process? What other metrics do you use?
Using at forestry when people are asking for data "who is clicking on what link"

Is that kind of measurement important?
Are you looking at how long they are in that page?
Law library sends email out with information of how many new users, what is bounce rate, etc. Does that matter to anyone? If you're going to use metrics- determine what you are going to do with that.
GA is easy, its interface is simple and works in background.
Other metrics? Hootsuite, metrics for metrics sake doesn't work.
What kind of analytics are being collected? How many new people, bounce rate, most popular.
Crazyegg- heatmap tracks clicks
Look at what people are reading, why people are reading it. Tweaking headlines.
Not necessarily quantity but quality. Just because an article doesn't have same popularity, it doesn't prevent SOM to create a meatier topic that maybe draws smaller crowd
British art: used to recruit for exhibitions. # of users, # of clicks, devices, location. Correlate those numbers with research as who has come to events. Confirm numbers/suspicions
By tracking device, are you creating something that supports that device appropriately. Mobile numbers are higher, making sure you have a consistent -user friendly site for mobile user.
Aggregating/reporting: exporting PDFs
SOM/Forestry are using metrics for outsider response
Law Library using metrics to secure that inside their department are using.
Using metrics in terms of marketing.
Using social listening tools.
4,000 sites at Yale, only 4% have analytics.
Library having ability to compare vs. other libraries. This way there is a benchmark to compare to,
ITS goal to have working group to get all on analytics
Lec Maj: ITS. Monthly conversations about analytics
Using what we do with our metrics and our strategies, for justification. For marketing. Share our tools. Get passed Yale's idea of holding onto information, lets share what we all do.
Have to think of Analytics as a long term investment- in order to see how useful it is for you, and form trends.
How-to examples, training, to have conversations and get into a session- Monthly meetings!

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