Session 1 - Tools & Toolkits

Unconference (1)  Tools & Toolkits session 10am-11am
Bob S - went from Flex — now using html5
twitter bootstrap
homegrown js libraries
talk to victor -  twitter bootstrap themes,  yale-like theme
backbone.js  — andy — view presenter
integrating backbone w/rails, grails
MVP — model / view/ presenter
next step?  Andy do presentation on this
he will facilitate / find others who are using it
node.js  — server side javascript
rails + backbone  
advantages of node.js?  over RoR??
Rails, Node == simple way to prototype
does that give you,  or users a better experience
What about Workday
what will be available — API?  (there will have to be)
IAM — identity / access mgmt
it’s coming :)
Are we behind the times in developing cutting edge interfaces?
example – Bluebook app developed by students not ITS
How can we do better?  budget / prioritization issues?
Famis - facilities
discussion of mobile interfaces
are we doing it?
other things being used?
Angular.js  — Gary L.  (Med school)
sproutcore  - client side mvc framework
tools from Adobe?  anyone?
single-page js interfaces vs web page-style interfaces
big problem that we’ve run into — how do you handle the back button in single-page?
you have to address this,   or the app is not ready!
You can’t say “don’t use the back button”
“The Yale Desktop Image”
still issues w/coding your apps to what is “officially supported”
Can we work on making this better?
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