Demanding Accessibility from External Suppliers

Needing to learn
Legal requirements

What is accessible/a11y?
Making sure everyone can get at what they need
We often think of physical disability, but what about cognitive? status (alums vs. internal)? language proficiency? Epilepsy (episode can be triggered by certain whiz-bang effects), motion sickness?

Best practices v real accessibility
Removing barriers to entry

What kind of vendors?
Large corps
Freelancers/small business

Demanding Accessibility from External Suppliers

Both for principled reasons and practical ones, we need to be using and building technologies that make Yale's world accessible to many different sensory/physical interactions. How can we insist on this in an world of limited choices, funds, and time? If the otherwise perfectly suitable application to support an effort is inaccessible to [impairment X], do we not adopt that application? What if the immediate situation has no expected users with [impairment X]? Do we need to wait for the ideal application? Build it? And hey, we're Yale.

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